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Three Types of Gratitude (2)

Baitussalam Umroh Presents:

Three Types of Gratitude (1)

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Previous article: Three Types of Gratitude (1) 

Second Grateful Type: Being Grateful To What Is Currently Received from God 

Unlike the first type of gratitude that people are not usually easy to do, being grateful in this second type is the most common thing done by most people.

I am grateful and celebrate it every day.

This second type of gratitude is usually done when one just gets something happy and joyful thing such as newly married, has a child, gets profit in the business, gains career success, just comes back from the Hajj and Umrah, has trip to wonderful tourist spots, buys a new house or a vehicle, wins a race, acquires new knowledge and new skills, was freed from a catastrophe, being recovered from a disease, and so on.

This second type of grateful must also be accompanied with the feeling that all that is given to us is under the knowledge and permission of God. Thus, bring themselves to preserve and maintain the trust from Allah to be used as well as possible in the way of Allah.

This feeling of gratitude can be expressed by thanking God, doing prostration of gratitude, and increasing further of faith and piety. So, that all the favors that have been given bu Allah can be kept, maintained, and nurtured in order to bring the greatest possible benefit for others and self.

If a man grateful for a favor, God will add to the pleasure of it." 

So we must all go back to refresh again how Prophet taught us to be grateful, so it is acceptable by God.

The Third Type of Gratitude: Being Grateful To Something Not Happened Yet / Not Given by God Yet

Most people are generally grateful with the second tpe of gratitude namely being thankful at the time when the God's grace arrives.

Some of these people are also grateful with the first kind of grateful that at the current time the grace had ever felt was gone.

But there are also some people who are grateful with this third type of gratitude namely being thankful for the gift that God has not yet given to them.

Be grateful to the will-be-received gift.
Be grateful to the will-be-received gift.

What do you mean feel grateful for everything that God has not given yet (and how)?

Almighty Allah has created the whole universe and the creations that we do not know. Ourselves, the earth, sun, Canis Majoris star (Red Hyper Giant) is the largest ever known, to the countless galaxies and the set of galaxies that exist in this universe.

How big is our problem compared to the power of Allah Al Mighty in this universe?

God gives life, gives fortune, and gives grace to anyone whom He wants. Provides a way out and the fortune that is not unexpected for those who follow Him.

Could it be that God gives favor we expect tomorrow? Or in this afternoon?

Nothing is impossible for God. ALL is possible and easy. This belief should be implanted and programmed in our subconscious layer so that the subconscious programming and its SOPs guided and backed by the magic power of God.

If we work at a company and today we are the employees, then we are grateful to be employees. Do we pray that once we will be the stars in the company and be thankful today that we still be given permission by God to be employees tomorrow and able to provide living to our family?

Or at least, may we be thankful that tomorrow we are still blessed with the breath of life, healthy body, and a happy family?

Alhamdulillahi robbil alamin hamdan yuafi ni’ amahu wayukafi umazidah , ya robbana lakal hamdu kama yanbaghii li jalali wajhikal kariimi wa adzimi sultonik, subhanaka lanuh sifa na an alaika anta kama afnaita ala nafsika,  falakal hamdu hatta tardo, walakal hamdu idza rodiyta, walakal hamdu ba’da ridhook, Allohuma sholi wasalim ala sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa ashabihi wasallim."

Of course we are not only being allowed, but we are still good if we ar thankful for the grace of God that has been obtained today only.

If we pray to be able to study in the best schools, the best college on campus, has a spouse and children who are pious and good, halalan thayyiban fortune and blessing, whether we believe that our prays will be heard by God?

Of course we have to be sure because the power of prayer is in confidence. Remember that the conviction should not be prevented by coating a layer of thoughts and feelings, so the belief of prays can go straight and be firmly embedded in the subconscious layers, thus, good programs and its SOPs are created to make the purpose of the prays be reached with the permission of Allah .

If we already believe that our prays will be granted, will we wait to be grateful if the prays are granted later?

Grateful to what is currently received from God
Grateful to what is will be received from God leads to actual giving!

Is it better that we are being grateful now for everything that is prayed to Allah Almighty, Most Rich, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, and the Most Wise and we believe that our prays will be answered?

To be continued to "Three Types of Gratitude (3)." Please wait until the link active.

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