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The People Who Are Borrowed by God (1)

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In one's life, there should be joys and sorrows. Intermittent. Like a wheel, sometimes a person is above it. Sometimes below it.

There are people who are currently at the top so they can defend theirselves continually to be on top. They must have also been down, but only in a brief time. They rose soon and set back to the top. Meanwhile, there are people are down in a long time with no ride up. Ask why?

The joy is when all the needs and desires can be fulfilled immediatelly. Everything is always available when needed or desired.

While the sorrow is when one's life runs not in accordance with his/her wish, although some actual needs are met. 

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Why are there people that we like and they like us? Give happiness to each other and no hurt between another?

But, why should other hurt us constantly, look for a way to make our lives harder, feel lost, weak, and become bullied?

People Who Are Borrowed by God

Of course we all as Muslims truly realize that all that happens in this world is under His will. People are born and died by His will. Happiness and misery inflicted on His license. Even a leaf falls to the ground also is under His knowledge and permission.

What about the people who hurt us constantly? Are they also His will? 

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Because of all that happens in this universe is under the knowledge and permission of God, then in fact, the people who hurt us is the people who borrowed by God.

Why is that? 

God borrows these people "to hurt" us to make us better, being the learner of life. Taking lessons from the things that "hurt". Remember, real pure and potent drugs are usually bitter. Unless mixed with sweeteners and other additives components. But its efficacy is reduced. 

Why must be "people" that are being borrowed? 

Because, we are expected to learn. We can understand that there is something wrong in us. It needs to be repaired. Or we are being prepared to accept the things that are important in the future. 

We pray for success in our life in the world and the hereafter. And God's answer is how we can contribute in our life best and it will a path to successful life in this world and the hereafter. 

Then God creates the university of life for us. God creates roles and the events so we can learn the wisdom and lessons that can be taken and applied in later phases of life. 

If we still defiant, then God may not borrow people to remind us. And we hope this does not happen. God, please forgive me. 

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What If There are People Who Hurt Ourselves? 

So, if anyone hurts us, he/she is actually borrowed by God to make us mature, to send us wisdom and lessons. 

If we already understand about this, then we'll get is the wisdom and lessons from these "hurting" events. And we might be shocked and grateful that there are people who good-hurt us. They are sent by God to deliver the real good drug to heal our life diseases. But after that we straight go up for the wisdom and lessons learned quickly.

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