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The People Who Are Borrowed by God (2)

Continued from The People Who Are Borrowed by God (1)

Remember that not only those people who are borrowed by God to hurt us. God often borrows ourselves, too, to hurt other people. And if we contemplate, much of the deeds that we intentionally or unintentionally in hurting other people.

Even if we had had a good life and being kind to someone else, we may be still borrowed by God to mature other people. Meaning thatwe hurt other people when there is no intent for it or not intentionally.

Because they are borrowed by God when we are hurt, then our attitude when being hurt is sincere and forgiving. Because it may be the same as ours, they are not intentionally or even does not know altogether their words or actions that hurt us. Unless harmful actions that lead to violence, then we are obliged to intervene ourselves or others and seek improvement.

What is meant by hurting here is the writing, words, and actions that do not lead to physical violence.

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By this way, our hearts will continue to be comfortable, sincere in doing anything just for Allah, and constantly forgive others who have sinned against us wether intentionally or not. If we are smarter, stronger, richer, then after we forgive them, give them some good advices to prevent him/her redo his/her bad deeds in the future.

The Secrets of Success 

If we are sincere and forgive, then all the time and existing resources will be used optimally to achieve success in this world and the hereafter. Spent not only to contemplate pain, revenge, anger and hostile prolonged, and even hurt each other.

The key to happiness and success of the world and the hereafter are: sincere and forgiving.

If you must hate, then hate words or deeds. Do not hate someone because he/she is just like us: God's creation. But if you love, love the person, not his/her words and deeds. Because the person is the same with us: God's creation. 

Want to be the number 1 in your field? Being like Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Valentino Rossi, Michael Schumacer, Christian Ronaldo, Messi, Ibn Khaldun, Al Khwarizmi, Muhammad Al Fatih, Salahuddin Al Ayyubi, and those who excel on the worldwide from time to time?

What is their main characteristics that are always visible? 

They are focused on achieving that goal, until hurt, anger, irritability, resentment, and other things will not line and stay in their feelings and thoughts. So that their subconscious layers continue to make the programs and SOPs that are getting better and stronger.

Be the sincere and forgive all people! But, it does not mean to be weak and follow others' will. It should remain steadfast and determined to be the best in its field. Forgive and fix all the flaws and errors continuosly.

So that we can stay focused on achieving the main goal --ex. plan for Umrah this year or to create new jobs for many people-- and so, we can remain in the community with those we love and love us. Aamiin.

Christiano Ronaldo, Sincere and Forgiveful. Focus to shoot the star!
Christiano Ronaldo, sincere and forgiveful. Focus to shoot the star!

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