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The Adventure to Ourselves Universe (1)

The Adventure to Ourselves Universe (1)
Five layers of humanitarian system illustrated. What are they?

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Lets start our adventure from the outermost layer of 5 humanitarian system layers. 

Are you ready? Fasten your seat belt, please :)

5. Our Body

Everyday we eat about 3 times a day in order to provide nutrients to the body so that the human body can operate the system well by creating health and antibody systems.

Beside that, by eating food we also maintain the health and strength of the body. The nutrients will be distributed to each part of the body where it needed.

5. Body

When the body gets adequate nutrition and balanced, the body is feasible to operate according to the will of the mind.

4. Our Mind

Located from the outermost, mind is the second layer of the humanitarian system after the body.

Humanitarian system layers: 5. Body. 4. Mind. ...

4. Mind

A healthy body makes the mind focus at the intellectual tasks, such as problem solving or looking for a new idea. In this case, a healthy body should be maintained so that the intellectual mind able to work at its highest level.

Intellectual problems occurs when the physical body has a problem so that the mind can not work optimally like the way it should be.

3. Our Feeling 

The third layer after the body and mind are feeling or emotion. 

Humanitarian system layers: 5. Body. 4. Mind. 3. Feeling

3. Feeling
"Heart"'s feeling

What makes human feels calm is when he or she has healthy body, a clear mind and always assume good faith to anything happens in his/her life. The intellectual emotions (emotion equotation) is also affected by feeling. You will feel comfort because it is supported by a healthy body and mind.

The Relationship between Body, Mind, and Feeling

Up to here, we have already seen the effect of physical body to the mind, then the mind into feeling. Can it be on the contrary or in reverse direction?

If body has relation to the mind, and the mind can influence  the human feeling, then what is actual happening is the feeling also influences body and mind

By the influence of feeling to the outer layers (mind and body), the feeling layer can strengthen the previously existing status of the mind and body at that time.

For instance of such as fatc is when you have a healthy body and a clear mind, then they provide you sense of calm and shade in your feeling.

The sense of calm and shade of your feeling then accordingly provides the good feedback to the both outer layers: you will get clarity in mind and the healthy body. 

So the feeling also has a very strong influence to the mind and body.

One That is Rich in Feeling Will ALWAYS Give Something Needed by Other People

Such as you are rich in feeling, then your mind will be filled with things about how to share your happiness to other people, and your body will do an activity that is very meaningful to yourself and others. By making other people happy, your happiness increased more and more.

Rich in feeling, or generosity in other word, will quickly pull a person into a rich in treasure that easy, adequate, and blessed, even without intentional and planned action because the coming of fortune that unexpectedly (due to the rich/wealth of the heart).

And fortunately, the feeling can be motivated by the right ways, with the good words,  and pleasing treatment. If there is a sick person who was just cured, it can be ascertained that he was feeling something very good and happy that made his mind clear so his body could recover from the sickness.

The something good and happy can be a good motivational words and treatment from both families and the people around him, a good handling from medical representative, and good facilities nearby that please him/her and help the healing process of his sickness through his/her human feelings, mind, and body, finally. 

2. Our Soul / Subconscious Layer

After the human body, mind, and feeling, then the next deeper humanitarian layer is the soul or subconscious layer

Humanitarian system layers: 5. Body. 4. Mind. 3. Feeling. 2. Soul

2. Soul
Soul illustrated.

This soul / subconscious layer contains all programs and standard operation procedures (SOPs) of its each human being. Like computers, each program will be run or executed by the human hosting the program. Then the resulted action is seen as human behavior by other people.

Besides that, this soul / subconscious layer contains internal program and project plan for every human. The result of the program or project has to be achieved with a standard operational procedure recorded in this subconscious layer as well. The projects themselves are determined based on the work programs / SOP that has been built so most likely it will be achieved, whatever it is, good or bad.

For example, when somebody has a subconscious program as timid, then standard projects on her/his subconscious will have goals and deliverables by someone who is timid. Vice versa.

If someone has a program / SOP subconscious as a brave man, it will be reflected in his subconscious project plan and executed as his behaviour where the result is the common one that commonly shouldbe achieved by courageous people.

Humanitarian system layers: 5. Body. 4. Mind. 3. Feeling. 2. Soul. 1... (in next article)

Humanitarian system layers: 5. Body. 4. Mind. 3. Feeling. 2. Soul.
Five humanitarian system layers. What is the fifth one?

So, where does soul/subconscious layer get its programs and SOP from?

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